Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 7th 7E, ISBN (9781305627857)

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Title: Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism

Author(s): Sareen S. Gropper; Jack L. Smith; Timothy P. Carr
Edition: 7
Year: 2018
ISBN-13: 9781305627857åÊ
ISBN-10: 1305627857åÊ

Since the first edition was published in 1990, much has changed in the science of nutrition. But the purpose of the text to provide thorough coverage of normal metabolism for upper-division nutrition students - remains the same.

We continue to strive for a level of detail and scope of material that satisfies the needs of both instructors and students. With each succeeding edition, we have responded to suggestions from instructors, content reviewers, and students that have improved the text by enhancing the clarity of the material and by ensuring accuracy. In addition, we have included the latest and most pertinent nutrition science available to provide future nutrition professionals with the fundamental information vital to their careers and to provide the basis for assimilating new scientific discoveries

Just as the body of information on nutrition science has increased, so has the team of authors working on this text. Dr. James Groff and Dr. Sara Hunt coauthored the first edition. In subsequent editions, Dr. Sareen Gropper became a coauthor as Dr. Hunt entered retirement. In the fourth edition, Dr. Jack L. Smith joined the author team now led by Dr. Gropper. In this seventh edition, Dr. Tim Carr has provided additional expertise and co-authorship on Several chapters.

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